Mens Endure Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

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iTechnology Super Duty

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Electrical Hazard Slip Resistant Steel Toe


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iTechnology™ SuperDuty™. The Toughest Boot on the Jobsite.

ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 EH
Proprietary iTechnology™ construction for superior durability and comfort
Slip resistant
Ortholite Anti-microbial Insole
Waterproof leather upper to protect your feel from the elements.

Average Rating: 3.0 (8 reviews)

14% said Smaller than Expected
14% said Larger than Expected
72% said Sized as Expected
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By metalhead

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Most Helpful Positive Review

This is an amazing piece a masterpiece :) I really like it it's tough and very comfortable... highly recommend it. Thanks CAT you're the best keep up the good work ;)
Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Often
please change.

By cristamatt

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Most Helpful Critical Review

To whom it may concern; I would like to offer this piece of retort to your boots. I have been a fan of Cat boots for 20 years now. Ever since the day my former supervisor suggested I try the cat boot I have been a faithful fan. I would buy a pair and wear them till the tread wore out. (about two years) Keep the old pair as “muddy them up garden boots”, and wear a new pair as work boots etc. I purchased a new pair six months ago and strutted my stuff in my new boots, standard size 10 black steel toe eight eye. My beloved standard. Within a few months my boots developed an odd noise. I inspected the sole of the boot only to find the solid core tread/lug I had grown to love has been replaced with a hollow core to save a few pennies a boot. Frustrated but not detoured I continued to wear my three month old boots until the day it rained. When I found the hollow core led straight to the inside of my boot and my socks became wet. Wet feet and all I went home and informed my wife of my woes. We pulled out my garden pair of cats and I cleaned them up and wore them for another three months. All the while keeping dry and warm even into the winter months, as they still contained a solid lug. Now totally frustrated and needing a boot with tread for the winter months I have given up and decided I can no longer count on my favorite boot supplier any longer and have purchased my first set of timberlands. Not as comfortable, but dry and solid soled, I feel I will just have to deal with the change. Please should you decide to start producing a quality boot once again let me know will come back to my long loved cats. Until then, keep your farting soles, Matt A.
CatFootwear's Reply: We are so sorry to hear about your footwear. We will defiantly be in contact with you soon!
Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: I no longer do.
service tech

By user_169753

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i have been a big fan of cat for years i hope after the last review seen on this website is not true about the products history. ive tried so many other brands and baught expencive types like redwings. but none have ever offered comfort and durability like cats. please dont ruin your reputation by cutting corners in quality. i have raved with all the employees and everyone i meet that the topic refers to boots to this company. and have depended on your quality through the years. im getting ready to buy another pair thats how i ended up on this site because i cant find any locally in my area. i hope my next pair last as long as my past two have each one at least 2 to 3 years. and im in all weathers 365 days a year. rain or shine im not behind a desk i wear them till they wear holes in the soles or the sides rip out. ive tried red wings which are overpriced work boots that cant do the job you guys do they only lasted 4 months. and i paid out the nose. they had a gurrantee but after wearing them for 4 months they ripped out the sides and they couldnt give me a new pair for free and get me to wear them. they were horrid. im on my feet from 7am to the day ends which could be past midnighti dont get an exact time everyday. i need a boot to protect my feet from the elements and offer comfort for the long days. its hard to find a company that will do both. they either last a long time to harsh work enviroment but not the weather, or very comfortable and fall apart do to the work enviroment. just want a boot that will protect me all the way around.
How do you most use this product?: outdoors in rough enviroment.
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