Globe Trotting Cat Boots

Just had to take a minute to post this awesome note with photos that we received from a consumer this week!  We love getting emails like this!


Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 12:12 PM
To: Web - Caterpillar Footwear
Subject: thank you for making such great boots


Dear CAT

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how incredible your boots are.  My small company does humanitarian engineering projects all over the world, and your work boots are one item I would not dream of going into the field without. From Haiti (just after the earth quake) to the deserts of Western Africa to the cold of Mongolia your work-boot keep my feet warm in the the cold, cool in the heat and at all times safe even when working with heavy machinery. They are the only boot I would ever think wearing while sleeping, an important consideration when you are sleeping in a building where there is a high risk of aftershocks. 

Your work boot's nearly infinite adaptability was highlighted recently. I had just finished a mission to Northern Senegal where we were helping establish a small locally owned factory to produce clean cook stoves and fuel pellets. Getting back to New England, I went to see the work a buddy of mine has been doing restoring a 150 year old farmhouse. It struck me, as I was standing there in the snow, that just hours before I had been in a desert. In both cases I knew that me my feet were so safe that I did not have to worry about them, and so comfortable that neither extreme temperature was a consideration.  Thank you for an outstanding and well priced product.  Attached please find a photo I though you might like which shows just what your glorious boots can put up with.


Your faithful customer,



Nathaniel is wearing the Hydraulic!

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