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So a lot of people have been asking us lately, why Mike Rowe and Cat Footwear?  Why the partnership?  We think Mike puts it best in this little note he wrote:

I’m not an expert.  Never claimed to be one.  But I know a few, and after 300 dirty jobs I could probably fill a book with what I’ve learned from these guys.  You don’t need to be an expert to own the right footwear—you just need to know what works. 

So I decided to create boots and shoes with Cat Footwear.  Why?  Because wherever I go, that’s what I see the experts wear.  Cat footwear on the guys who do the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. 

And if you don’t think that Mike already knows lot about hard work, let us tell you more.  By traveling the country, Mike has learned that unfortunately, our country is facing a huge gap in trade skills people.  Right now there are more skilled laborers exiting the workforce than entering it.  That’s why he created the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.  To draw attention to and raise money to support the skilled laborers of our country.  Since Mike did such a great job in his little note above, we'll leave you with another message from him:

The mikeroweWORKS Foundation is another way for mikeroweWORKS.com to support The Trades.  Monies raised will be disbursed to a variety of existing initiatives and organizations, including scholarship funds, community colleges, trade schools, etc.  I established this foundation for the same reason I started mrW – to give something back, and challenge the prevailing definition of a “good job.”  For decades, we have put a premium on a four-year degree, and told and entire generation that Trade Schools and skilled labor are “alternatives” to “higher education.”  That attitude is warping expectations, wrecking opportunity, and destroying our country. 

To learn more about Mike, his foundation and his work with the trades, just click here.

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